Network Status Update (Targeted to Bobber/Helium Community)

What do I do after the Light Hotspot Update is complete?

Devon Y.
4 min readMay 16, 2022

If your hotspot is currently experiencing a sync Gap from the previous update (Bobcat Firmware bumped to this is not a cause for concern. The Gap has been reported to be around 2,000 by some users.

If your Gap is here at this number this is nothing to be concerned about again do not intervene with your hotspot at this point.

The Reason Why You Ask?

Light Hotspots do NOT need to stay IN SYNC, and they do NOT need to be PORT FORWARDED, these are the two MAJOR changes that happened with the shift to LHS, this is WHY the blockchain has such intermittent activity right now (well that and the Validators not updating properly but that is another story and currently being investigated).


The best advice is to leave it alone running diagnoser + reset, reboot, or resync commands will only slow the process and brings your hotspot further away from performing in potential proof of coverage activity.

What update should my Bobcat Miner 300 / Bobber 500 be on currently? What was the recent update and what did it do? For all currently released OTA Update releases and information about each OTA Update, please refer to this new source link.

This replaces the old websites “blog” section for news/updates. From this page you can navigate to other news/updates pages in regards to:

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Other Important Bobcat Links:

Knowledge Center (learn about your bobcat and diagnose/troubleshoot problems):

Official Bobcat Support Ticket Creation (Submit a request here):

Moving on to the general network status update..

AGAIN, none of this is official this is all my own personal speculation and my attempt to show support for the the people’s network at large.

General Network Information (Targeted to Helium Community):

Validators will be taking control of all peer-to-peer communication as well as storage of blockchain data. at this point Port Forwarding will no longer be necessary, our hotspots will no longer need to “stay in sync” as well.

As of May 11th (if the launch goes through smoothly) they will effectively no longer need to be Port Forwarded, ever again.

More detailed information on Light Hotspots provided by The Hotspot - Helium Network Podcast Arman (Fairspot) and Coco (Nova Labs) discuss in detail what is happening during this phase of the helium network.

At this point in my personal recommendation you do not need to Port Forward, do not spend your time and energy on Port Forwarding OR attempting to correct current relay issues. This is considered a waste of time due to the Light Hotspot Launch on May 11th you will no longer need to Port Forward a helium hotspot.

You will not need to be Port forwarded as of May 11th as long as the helium network Light Hotspot gateway-rs software update goes through. Do not waste your time attempting to port forward at this point as in my personal recommendation, this is not an official helium network announcement though. My goal is to prevent you from doing unnecessary work.

We are seeing the trickle effect (delay) into this week so it will take time for all the hotspot fleets as a whole to come back to some kind of “normal activity”; albeit there really is no such thing right now as we are entering a new era upon the network.

Expect no witnesses from your beacons, or beacons to not exist yet. Most people using the network with IoT devices are experiencing only data transfer as their activity.

For the easiest way to ensure your bobber is online & active on the blockchain, please learn to use the network with smart sensors (end node) for it’s intended utility.

Learn more from the provided links below, how-to video coming soon on installing a temp/humidity sensor inside your outdoor enclosure for remote monitoring of it’s temperature and relative humidity.


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