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Asset tracking is estimated to be at least 75% of the world’s LoRaWAN use cases in the future.

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Let’s get to know

Their About page from reads:
Trackpac exists because of the Helium Network — a remarkable combination of human ingenuity and incentive. Today, the network is the largest ubiquitous wireless network in the world creating the perfect conditions to build connected services.

The economics of the network are profoundly different to other networks. These conditions create a unique setting for the development of tracking and other applications — our focus.

The founding team behind our applications (Neil and Rob) are engineers, network builders and passionate Helium community members. They seek to activate the potential that Helium enables as a base layer blockchain technology for wireless connectivity.

Great, now we have some background on

Next up, let’s go over a rough Demo of using!

In this rough demo I will be going over a simple path of direction, which I had accumulated this data from a literal “walk in the park”.

Getting started with is very fluent and simple, with an easy to navigate user interface. Simply create an account when prompted by the app, log in, and you are greeted with the start menu.

Example of the Account Page.

From the start menu you will be able to navigate to other sections such as Alerts, Devices, Profile, as well as individual Device History, Alerts, & Geofencing. To be able to receive and review data, we must first add a device that has been pre-registered with currently available in the US and EU.

This is one of the biggest perks to by having devices pre-registered in their internal systems, a new helium network user can onboard an asset tracking device with a simple scan of a QR code via the app.

Here I have activated a custom Heltec Cubecell through, also works on mappers.helium and
Allowing TRACKPAC to take pictures/video for the QR code scan process. (Android)
Screenshot on the left is of the QR code scanning page.

Once we have added out first device we will then have constant watch over this asset tracking in real time. Giving us a very clear path/line of travel as long as their is helium network coverage in said area.

Seeing as the helium network is still scaling and expanding, this will take some time to be completely ubiquitous as in the coverage provided for these asset trackers, this is when a hotspots deployment can become very technical and specific.

No longer are you placing hotspots to advance their prospects of earning HNT through PoC, but rather placing a hotspot with the intention to solely expand the coverage of said area.

Building on the idea of Sensors as a Service

Now with some basic knowledge about asset tracking through let’s move onto a very hot topic of discussion right now which is crucial to the longevity of the helium network. Which is…

Use Case & Development Expansion!

Without the proper growth from this side of the network, helium will be drastically effected, it’s up to us as a community to change the narrative on how helium network is looked at.

This is not a network to mine a crypto token ($HNT) for a quick buck, this is a network made for developers, truly expanding the network’s potential. These things do not happen overnight and currently we are seeing the struggle of new developers finding unique ways of integrating $HNT into our daily lives and businesses.

The next phase of helium network

You to can build software, hardware, and other solutions on top of the helium network, and even pre made systems like which is meant to bring onboarding for Sensors as a Service to a state of simplicity.

Example of adding keys Manually to a Helium Console account. does this all for you with a simple QR code scan. For a true “Developer” this may be the preferred path.

In my opinion it does just that, taking away the tedious processes of manually adding keys to a console and managing those devices with DC provisioning is a job in itself. gives you the chance as a service provider to take hours out of your manual data entry. You can acquire ready to use devices on currently from our friends over at (US) and (EU)

Thanks for checking out TRACKPAC.IO if you have any questions about their service feel free to reach out to me directly (, to get into direct contact with the developers for enterprise solutions.

TRACKPAC “Getting Started Guide”

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